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Cold Water Extraction


Removing Standing Water Could Save Your Home

Draining huge amounts of water from a badly damaged site is a job that only trained experts can perform efficiently and in a safe manner. If you want to avoid secondary damage from happening to your personal property, don’t try to handle the cold water extraction procedures on your own!

We use high capacity water removal machinery to extract all standing water from your location as quickly as possible. We will isolate the affected area, and prevent more harm to other areas of your property. In 10 years our experience has taught us removing standing water is only one part of the restoration procedures. We will go on to inspect the remainder of the property for hidden water spots to ensure a full recovery of your property.


Concealed Water Damage, A Recipe for Disaster

DECEMBER2012 024

When hidden water fails to be extracted from a property after a flood disaster, possible mold growth might occur. Our infra-red cameras are of great help in such cases as they point out the exact spots where water resides. Depending on the dimension and the location of each area containing hidden water, we use different wands or water claws to take care of the problem right and permanently.

Do not ignore the serious threat of exposing your home to concealed moisture. In addition, our successful restoration process will rescue your home from permanent damage. If water is not eliminated from the affected area, drying and restoration procedures cannot begin.

So, when your water heater is leaking, you face water abatement or flood damage, call us as the fastest and most reliable contractor for cold water extraction. Find us day and night, 24/7 at 424-230-3095!