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Fire Damage Restoration

Beverly Hills Water Damage is one of the most successful water damage restoration services in the area. Unlike other companies, who hurry into the business and don’t focus on customer satisfaction, we took our time to learn the ins and outs of the damage restoration industry. Today, because of our hard work and dedication, we are one of the leading companies in water damage. Though we were initially just a startup, we have grown into a full fledge company and this is why; we are proud to announce the addition of fire restoration services to our impressive list of services.

Because we know and understand that it takes a lot to built a house or company from start, we will help you restore it with peace of mind if it has been burned down. However, before we begin to talk about restorations, remember not to lose hope because even the severest of burned houses can go back to the way they were. The severity of the fire doesn’t matter because no matter what, it will be devastating and heartbreaking to see years of hard work go down the drain. If you’re a resident of Beverly hills, you don’t have to worry anymore, because we will make sure that your property and everything inside it is returned back to its original condition.

What Happens After Fire Trucks Leave?
Before we tell you what we do best, you need to understand how serious your situation is or will become if you don’t take immediate action. The real work begins after the fire trucks leave. The smoke residue inside makes the air hazardous to breathe and there is visible evidence of fire damage all over the place. Your ceiling and walls will have black soot all over them, the more intense the fire, the worse condition they’ll be in. The wiring inside your electrical appliances, and the circuitry, will be affected and would require a look by the electrician. The furniture would have lost its color and the synthetic material inside the flooring will be affected by the acidic chemical in the smoke residue left by the fire. And all of these damages will accelerate as time goes by.

The damage which isn’t visible, because it’s inside the structure of the building, is the one you need to look out for. Because that’s the one that can yield the biggest expense. Fire smoke mixes with moisture and causes rapid corrosion all over the house. This may affect the very foundation and structural strength of your home or commercial property. Such damages can only be inspected and fixed by damage restoration professionals.

Why Beverly Hills Water Damage?
Some of the employees at Beverly Hills Water Damage have been there since the very beginning and the reason for that is that we treat our employees well. They are incentivized and paid well, that’s why they have all the motivation they need to give you quality services. We send them to all the necessary seminars and help them achieve up-to-date certifications required by the government and quality assurance organizations. We don’t just follow the rules on a bare-minimum basis, we follow them in order to constantly improve and grow.

Beverly Hills Water Damage will give you a price that no one else can match, the team can reach a site in under 30 minutes, the consultation is free, we pick your calls 24/7 and we are licensed by CSLB.
As mentioned before, our technicians have all the latest IICRC certifications and are over-qualified to perform the following critical fire damage restoration services:

★ Applied Microbial Remediation
★ Corrosion Remediation
★ Cleaning carpet walls and ceilings
★ Fire Smoke Restoration
★ Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning.
★ Mold Remediation

Pick up the phone and call us at (424) 230-3095. Hire our fire and smoke damage restoration services today!